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About YAESU:

YAESU celebrated 50th of anniversary in the year of 2010. Before everything, we would appreciate all of your support and cooperation. And at the same, we will remember our original purpose and do our best to make a great contribution to all of our customers and Japanese economic recovery by making a great effort consistently.

All we need to do for the future is "Innovation and Challenge". At the present, we all have been suffering from economic recession worldwide. Additionally, environmental crisis is becoming more serious in the world. However, we believe that we, all people, should prove the value of individual and parties under such desperate circumstances. All we need to do is not consecutive and do something forward to open a road for the future.

There must be something that middle companies like our company only can do and meet some requirements from customers. We believe that we should keep proceeding in the future as we prove the value of company. You may call "Maverick" in the light industry. We, YAESU, must all strive as one to meet customers' requirement or market demand with all our might.


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